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The Officiant Directory is the best way to find a wedding officiant, marriage celebrant, ordained minister, priest, pastor, rabbi, cantor, or justice of the peace online. We recognize the importance of finding just the right person to create and perform your wedding ceremony, whether you’re planning a simple elopement ceremony or a full-scale wedding with hundreds of guests.

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How Much Do Officiants Cost?

Because most couples haven't hired an officiant before, it can be difficult to figure out how much to budget for the person performing the ceremony. This is due to the fact that the cost of a wedding officiant differs by area, and also because professional officiants charge different amounts based on their specialties and level of experience.

Since we've been helping couples find local wedding officiants for over two decades, we've been in a position to collect and analyze officiant prices both geographically and over time. The results speak for themselves: our comprehensive pricing guide is one of the most popular officiant resources online!

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At Wedding Officiants, we are pleased to offer these popular articles and pieces of advice to assist you in your ceremony planning.

Why Hire an Officiant?


Hiring an experienced professional to write and perform your marriage ceremony is one of the best decisions you can make when planning a wedding. Most engaged couples haven't seen many wedding ceremonies, and often don't understand the important role that the officiant plays in setting the tone for the entire wedding day.

A professional officiant or marriage celebrant has experience and knowledge that enables them to craft a wedding ceremony script that reflects your personalities and relationship, and also creates the perfect atmosphere for your ceremony. When you see an experienced officiant deliver an amazing ceremony with "all the feels," that's no accident - it's the result of their specialized knowledge, preparation, and talent.

The best advice for finding and selecting the right officiant for your ceremony is ...


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